The Water Purification Project

For a number of months now, the LFT has been working to solve the problem of providing pure drinking water for pilgrims and residents at the Holy Shrines in Najaf and now Karbala.

In January 2023, a bespoke solar powered desalination system was installed in the Haram of Imam Ali (AS). The system is manufactured to serve the precise needs of the new courtyard named after Lady Fatemah (AS). The power for the water purification and distribution is from solar panels collectively generating 90 kW per hour. Thus having a base capacity of 15,000 liters per hour which is being now ramped up to 60,000 liters during peak times. This system make the new courtyard a first of its kind in the world with an independent carbon neutral water supply that is ready to serve pilgrims for the decades ahead.

LFT is now looking to supply a purification plant to the Haram of Imam Hussain (AS) that will generate over 2,000,000 litres a day.

All profit from these shirts, will be used to help build the system. 

You can also donate directly to the project.