Muharram Shirts

We believe mothers can empower whole communities in the world’s poorest places to transform their life chances. This idea sparked our Mothernomics Program. Mothernomics is an extraordinary program dedicated to empowering widowed, separated, and disabled mothers in the Holy city of Karbala since 2018.

Through the Mothernomics program, these mothers receive sponsored income from various charities, along with essential mental health counseling to help them heal from their past traumas. Additionally, they are equipped with valuable skills, such as sewing, through professional training. Once they successfully pass their exams, they become part of our dedicated production team, crafting an array of garments including school uniforms, elegant women's dresses, including wedding gowns and graduation robes, as well as traditional abayas.

By supporting Mothernomics, you enable these remarkable women to establish a sustainable income source and provide for their orphaned children with dignity. Our workshop in Karbala, alongside our store conveniently located near the Shrine of Imam Hussain, warmly welcome visitors, including the zuwwar, every day of the year.

Indulge in the allure of Mothernomics clothing and join us in making a difference. Purchase our garments today and be a part of this empowering journey for these incredible mothers.