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We are excited to unveil our inaugural Muharram Shirt launch, in collaboration with Mohammad Abbas Jaffer. Act now and secure your exclusive shirt by pre-ordering before July 19th, as we come together to champion a meaningful cause. Our focus this year is to raise funds for a crucial water purification system at the revered Haram of Imam Hussain (AS). Join us in taking action and leave a lasting impact this Muharram season.

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About the Lady Fatemah Trust

The Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust was formed in 1997 when the founder, Amirali G. Karim, who had a history of charitable activity in his native country, Kenya realised the vision of a different way of serving humanity.

At the core of his vision was a desire to ensure that charities were accountable and their work was sustainable, empowering and replicable. He was strongly against fostering dependency and felt that however the intervention takes place whether through education, healthcare or microfinance, beneficiaries should go from being a net recipient of charity to a net donor of charity.